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My Time


Cover, My Time, Memoir

My Time tells the story of a missionary’s daughter who heals from profound spiritual trauma. Ayla’s journey begins in a Central American Eden, where trees whisper their wisdom and volcanoes speak to children. From there, her family experiences a kind of cultural whiplash, as the diocese moves her father to minister to a church in an urban American hellscape, as seen through a child’s-eye view. Unprotected and misunderstood by parents battling demons of their own, Ayla faces daunting experiences, her bright spirit attracting both allies and perpetrators.


With courage and openness, she tells the truth about growing up in the sexual revolution, still as a preacher’s kid, navigating the double messages and unconscious projections, both in her own country and abroad.

As a young wife and mother, she is a believer active in her church, until her own body forces her to confront the violence of her family, church, and culture, a legacy which has lodged literally in the cells of her body. The mystery of her Deathwish is at first a curse that becomes a gift, as her awakening creativity becomes her greatest spiritual tool, and the pain of her past emerges in images, music, and dance, that she puts together in a performance that offers reconciliation and peace to her family and community.


In My Time, Ayla tells a rich and colorful story as fearlessly as she lived it.

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