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Sunrise Over Mountains, Image by Daniel Mirlea
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Raised as a daughter of a missionary in the Episcopal church, Ayla brings her light to the Earth, creating a purposeful and soul-driven life she loves while inspiring others to choose the same!


She realized herself to be a magical, inspired, creative Spirit of unconditional love living in a human body after a near-death experience: during which she was given a task. Her task, to discover why her body had a death wish, transformed into her passion, and is Ayla’s reason for being on Earth. Ayla’s unique light has led her to seek the silver lining in her experiences of early childhood abuse which in turn unlocked enormous creativity and Divinely inspired action.

By looking for the silver lining she has discovered when fear and love collide, seeds of courage are planted. Through her creative voice, she expresses this powerful, vibrant, and transforming truth.


Ayla has lived in a co-creative relationship with this inner SourceLove wisdom and creative force for over 30 years. She chooses Self-love, 24 hours at a time, as her core foundation. She offers her inspirational story of forgiveness and the courage to choose love to change the world, beginning from her innermost self, out!


Ayla currently lives with and is a caregiver for her mom, who suffers from dementia, as well as her most generous and dear friend, lover, and fellow journeyer, Jeffrey Jack.

You will be able to read more of Ayla's story in her soon-to-be-published memoir, My Time. 

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